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FootPrint Pro - Print Estimating

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Footprint pro has a comprehensive estimating module that allows you to get a quick response to your clients whilst accurately estimating production, material and outwork costs; once an estimate is completed a quotation can be emailed directly to your customer though FootPrint Pro and when this is accepted a print job is created eliminating data re-entry and the risk of human error.

  • Unique estimate numbers
  • Automatically calculate finishing processes such as folding, laminating, and binding.
  • Quote for different print media products on one estimate
  • Define the flat size, sheet size and finished sized for complex jobs such as brochures.
  • Print layout preview of your job showing cuts, folds and margins
  • Quote for alternative quantities
  • Set a delivery date and time deadline for when the job has to be completed by
  • Create a booklet and large format quote using footprint pro’s estimate wizard
  • Repeat estimates capability


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